Saturday, March 05, 2005

Goooooood, don't they stop talking, ever. They should sleep, give each other a small break, wish the other well, clashes of unarmed citadels of anti-intellectualism, one would think, would lead to Someone giving up... No they. go the fuck on, aiming for semi-celebrity, and what is all that, the joy of just visiting???? Put some actual effort into your life. You know what separates you and Atrios??? He works his ass off. The problem is that it only shows up a few times a day. People. go fall in love....I'm in loveright now, and it may be the only time in my life I actually attempt to write. Talentless though I protointelectual I might be, I'm guided by something.

Tragic, I look at men and women who can write well, superheroically even, and many of them are very sad. many of the best kill themselves even, which leads me to believe that the remaining aren't so happy but haven't gone that far. Your problem is you don't have a soundtrack or a set of rolling papers. Or not. That's all I have now, so I wanna make you jealous.

AHHHHHHHHH, angry indifference. I'm going to lay my head down drunk, be a false prophet, and hope that no one reads this.

Don't wake me.


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